About Us

wci studio

We at WCI Studio offer efficient planning, where we put designs and materials together but our foremost aim, for residences, is to build homes where love thrives and your dreams revive. Our desire will always remain to make spaces that are suited to meet your daily needs because we know that – home is where one starts from.

Our success outstands in its sense of grandeur while each bedroom gives out a hint of personalization, enwrapping within itself both comfort and opulence. The living and dining spaces with the rejuvenating balcony and homely kitchen await in harmony for their dwellers to unwind and relax, fostering familial interaction and peaceful living.

The Founder

We started as an idea to bring together the best interior designers and best construction professionals under one roof to deliver affordable yet contemporary designs to households across Pakistan. Irrespective of the size of the room and type of room, we are always there to provide our transparent and friendly services to anyone who needs it.

The team behind beautiful homes

Complicated construction projects are simplified when teams work together. As the team at WCI Studio begins each project, we clearly outline each task, day, milestone, and purpose of the project. By doing this, we explain to each manager the details of their work and how vital it is to the project. These upper-level employees can then relay to their workers what is expected of them. Not only can these clear lines of communication boost the efficiency of the team as a unit but also increases our chances of success as no section of the team changes-up the process as we move forward.  If we expect our employees to stick together as a team, we must communicate the importance of the process and the tole the play in it.